“Eternity is in love with the production of times” W. Blake

When we try to imagine, in our life, what really has value for us, what makes it worth living, we hardly think of gold.
We can be satisfied with that succession of small joys or be disappointed in an analysis that also takes pain into account.
What, however, when it happens and if it happens, manifests itself as an evident vital value is Beauty, in its multiple forms and aspects.

Beauty is the most refined product of Time because it is what the eye – over time – seeks.
Beauty expresses Freedom and expresses itself in freedom.
Finally, Beauty is what Art speaks of, what it represents.
Also through disgust, error, discrepancy, tragedy.

For a “good life”, art is fundamental.

It is to guarantee us a space for Art and Beauty in our lives (and to share it) that we founded Buonamorte Records.







Buonamorte Records* is aimed towards the realization of innovative pieces of art through a scrupulous production method that comprehends:

  • theoretical conception of artworks;

  • professional arrangement, recording, mixing and mastering sessions;

  • original graphic works;

  • particular photo and video sets;

  • efficacious publications.

Thanks to the experiences of the people involved in the project – such as sound engineers, composers, music teachers, graphic designers, photographers and directors – Buonamorte Records is the best choice to combine innovation and quality together.

* independent music label founded in 2019 by two private voluntary organizations, L’ulcera del signor Wilson and Pop.Opera APS (Teatro NUNC), both based in Castiglion Fiorentino (Arezzo, Italy).